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  • Hillbilly Savants: Joseph Earl Dabney: Moonshine Spirits  (200k)  -  ..from King James' Ulster Plantation to America's Appalachians and the Moonshine Life and volume two is entitled More Mountain Spirits: The Continuing Chronicle of Moonshine Life and Corn Whiskey, Wines, Ciders & Beers in America's Appalachians ). I found these books, first published in 1974 and 1980 .. ..of the Scotch-Irish tradition, often turned to moonshine. Ultimately, moonshining in the Appalachians (at least from the colonization period up.. ..that it explains clearly and elegantly why Appalachian farmers, both Scotch-Irish and their neighbors who adopted this part of the Scotch-Irish tradition, often turned to.. - ndex5
  • hillbillysavants.blogspot.com/2007/02/joseph-earl-dabney-mo..

  • Moonshine Heritage - Exploring the History of Moonshine in the Appalachians  (28k)  -  ..moonshine heritage - exploring the history of moonshine in the appalachians Moonshine Heritage Exploring the History of Moonshine in the Appalachians Home Blog About Contact "I just don't see that the government.. ..moonshine in the Appalachians. It’ s actually from the DVD bonus features included on The Last One, the documentary about Popcorn Sutton. [Read the Rest.. - ndex5
  • www.moonshineheritage.com/

  • An Old Hillbilly Banjo Player With His Moonshine Jug Playing An Appalachian Folk Song. Stock Photo  (98k)  -  ..an old hillbilly banjo player with his moonshine jug playing an appalachian folk song. stock photo 56847994 : shutterstock PHOTOS FOOTAGE 1-866-663-3954 English ▼ SUBSCRIBE.. ..An old hillbilly banjo player with his moonshine jug playing an Appalachian folk song. Image ID:.. - ndex5
  • www.shutterstock.com/pic-56847994/stock-photo-an-old-hillbi..

  • Moonshine Grille Press Release  (2k)  -  ..Appalachian history of the area, the concept of the Moonshine Grille was born. &ldquo Gathering decorations for the restaurant has been challenging and is still.. ..ongoing project.&rdquo Says Eric. &ldquo Finding authentic moonshine making equipment is not easy. Most illegal still that are discovered are destroyed, but a few parts.. - ndex8
  • www.moonshinegrille.com/press.html

  • appalachian culture Articles, Posts, Blogs, Videos - Technorati  (42k)  -  ..appalachian culture&rdquo “Civilized” Moonshine… is just wrong &mdash Authority: Earlier this morning, I took a “stroll” through FaceBookentries and saw one* which revealed a photo.. ..of said glass were ice cubes and… Moonshine. On top of.. - ndex10
  • www.technorati.com/tag/appalachian+culture

  • Appalachian culture : Top topics (The Full Wiki)  (123k)  -  ..Lynn 12,515 2 Dolly Parton 7,167 3 Appalachian Mountains 5,658 4 Moonshine 4,019 5 Bluegrass music 3,223 6 Appalachia 2,083 7 Hillbilly 1,913 8 Blue.. ..Appalachian English 221 35 Next of Kin (1989 film) 194 36 Hazard, Kentucky 180 37 Foxfire (magazine) 170 38 Francis Asbury 164 39 Western North.. ..44 Florence Y'all Water Tower 117 45 Moonshine in .. - ndex11
  • www.thefullwiki.org/Category:Appalachian_culture

  • Prime Tap - YouTube  (77k)  -  ..Higgins as Major Redmond. A tale of moonshine and bootlegging. Dark Corners is where NC, SC . 1:06 Appalachian Mountain Talk excerpt 2 Prime Tap 14,666 views 3 years ago.. ..www.talkingnc.com Narrator: Gary Carden. http: www.tannerywhistle.net 8:12 Appalachian Mountain Talk Prime Tap 97,455 views .. - ndex10
  • www.youtube.com/user/jdbrown333

  • Dawsonville GA Real Estate. Foreclosures, New Homes & Homes for Sale  (29k)  -  ..the south. Dawsonville is also steeped in Appalachian culture and tradition, including a rich history of gold mining, moonshine running, backwoods racing and motorsports glory. Dawsonville hosts a number of.. ..of festivals and events, including the Mountain Moonshine Festival which is held during the 4th weekend of October ... - ndex9
  • www.cozy-cabin.us/local-city_details-1245-DAWSONVILLE-GA

  • The Real People of Appalachia  (114k)  -  ..miners. And yes, some were and are moonshiners. See all 2 photos Many parts of the Appalachian Mountains are remote and difficult to access. Where is Appalachia? In.. ..access. Where is Appalachia? In 1965, the Appalachian Regional Commission identified 420 counties .. - ndex9
  • habee.hubpages.com/hub/The-Real-People-of-Appalachia

  • Appalachian State University Digital Collections  (112k)  -  ..Collection Library Art Collection Show 2 more Moonshine Collection W. Amos Abrams Folksong Collection hide Narrow your search by: Subject appalachian state university (4562) students (3557) student activities (3315) appalachian state teachers college (n ) (2580) faculty (1632) college .. ..appalachian state university digital collections Text Only Skip directly to: [ Site Navigation ] [ Section Navigation ] [ Search ] [ Content ] Digital.. ..or remove other collections to your search: Appalachian Ethnicity Resources Appalachian State University Historical Photographs Collection Beulah Campbell Collection I. G. Greer Folksong Collection Library.. - ndex15
  • contentdm.library.appstate.edu/cdm4/browse.php

  • Franklin County Moonshine  (30k)  -  ..Moonshine Heritage By sethlevinson Moonshine Heritage is a moonshine website that “ Explores the History of Moonshine in the Appalachians.” The guy that runs it recently moved near Franklin County and.. ..County and discovered that there are old moonshine stills all over the place! He’ s been walking the woods documenting his finds. It’ s a.. - ndex10
  • franklincountymoonshine.wordpress.com/

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    Colorfest 2013 Art Festival
    Colorfest 2013, Art and Taste of Appalachia, will be held on first Saturday in October in Dillsboro, NC.

    Heritage Arts Festival
    Monroeville, Alabama: The historic downtown square is transformed into a wonderland of crafts, quilts, woodworking, soul food and art. A fashion show, gospel music, and ethnic dance performances also featured.

    Hyde Park Village Art Festival
    Hyde Park Village Art Festival on last Saturday in October at Hyde Park Village,Tampa. Over 150 artists will display in a variety of mediums such as pottery, paintings, jewelry, ceramics and more. 75,000 attendees expected. As a leading cultural event on Tampa's Harbour Island Art Fest in Downtown.

    Art Show in Dahlonega
    Annual Mountain Flower Art & Wine Festival on third Saturday & Sunday, in May.

    Veterans Creative Arts Festival
    The competition includes 53 categories in the visual arts division this year that range from oil ...

    Pirate Festivals List
    Pirate Festivals have grown in popularity and number in recent years. Many Renaissance Faires and Festivals have pirate-themed weekends or events. A pirate festival will usually offer activities, crafts, and other fun stuff for children, who will cherish the memory of talking to a real pirate. Historical characters or places are featured in several pirate festivals, so you can combine your visit with a trip to the local beaches or rivers.

    Wild Chicken Festival
    An annual festival celebrates these unique residents: The Wild Chicken Festival, held in the downtown historic district of Fitzgerald. Back in the 1960's, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources stocked Burmese chickens all over the state as an additional game bird to be hunted like pheasant or quail. Exotic and beautiful, Burmese chickens are also more athletic than your average chicken. Whether loved or hated, Burmese chickens are a familiar part of the Fitzgerald scene. They wake you up in the morning, create minor traffic problems, and, some claim, even keep the bugs away.

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