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  • Podcast Appalachia: Podcast Appalachian 11: Moonshine  (63k)  -  ..moonshine production. Moonshine has been in the New World almost as long as Europeans the first known corn whiskey distillation began in America around 1620, when George Thorpe, an English.. ..moonshine,” “ white lightning,” “ popskull,” “ mountain dew,” “ wet goods,” or any other euphemism, there’ s no doubt it illegally distilled whiskey has become closely associated with the hills of Appalachia. Hillbilly cartoons.. ..the “ Old Mountain Jug.” The term moonshine was used in Britain to describe whiskey runners avoiding taxation for centuries, but the term wasn’ t widely.. - ndex9
  • podcastappalachia.blogspot.com/2009/12/podcast-appalachian-..

  • Best type of copper moonshine stills  (10k)  -  ..Whiskey & Moonshine ! Moonshine Still , Provide Best Price Moonshine Still Products. Enjoy Best Buy. And other Moonshine Still Products and Moonshine Still Suppliers for Your Choice. Making a cheap moonshine still is as easy as.. ..moonshine stills Best type of copper moonshine stills Copper moonshine stills & moonshine still kits for whiskey, ethanol, and essential oils. Whiskey Still Co. || Copper Moonshine Stills & Copper Pot Stills on Sale! Learn how to Distill.. ..moonshine distilling with our high quality complete copper moonshine stills ! We carry whiskey stills with capacities from 2.5 gallons to 13.5 gallons Making a.. - ndex29
  • lh.xkaf.biz/196/

  • Essential Homme Magazine: Don’t Be Afraid of Dark Corner Distillery Moonshine  (33k)  -  ..the first whiff that Dark Corner Distillery Moonshine corn whiskey is made from corn. The nose smells like fresh baked cornbread and has a note.. ..with ice and and then add your whiskey. Tags: Corn Whiskey , Dark Corner Distillery , Jack Daniels , Maker's Mark , Moonshine , unaged whiskey First Name: Last Name: Email: Address: Unit Suite: City: State: -.. ..There are a lot of misconceptions around moonshine, a distinctively American spirit whose roots lie more in early settlers’ farmhouse stills and corn whiskey than the backwoods outlaws who helped give.. - ndex9
  • www.essentialhommemag.com/dont-be-afraid-of-dark-corner-dis..

  • Rednecromancer  (41k)  -  ..to what they see as unfair governance. Moonshine and the Whiskey Rebellion.. ..Whiskey Rebellion are perfect as a hub to illustrate this point. They must be given credit for stating that the hillbillies did not “invent” moonshine in the hills of Appalachia but brought it with them from.. ..with them from Northern Ireland. Indeed today whiskey is so common a spirit that we tend to see it as a universal but whiskey or uisce beatha which means water of life in .. - ndex18
  • rednecromancer.typepad.com/rednecromancer/2007/09/index.htm..

  • Moonshine History  (13k)  -  ..traditions live on in Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine. Our families were growing corn and making whiskey here before Tennessee was a state, and after years .. ..terrain of the mountains allowed our great whiskey tradition to flourish. Prohibition made the craft of making moonshine even.. - ndex11
  • www.olesmokymoonshine.com/history/

  • Copper Run Distillery  (29k)  -  ..the Barrel Club and age your own Whiskey at home . read more ! Copper Run - Barrel Club Moonshine Mystique Upcoming Events ! Open Mic Night .. ..whiskey and moonshine turn traditional apple cider into a delectable delight. Cost:… READ MORE VIDEO: Local Brewers Band Together to Produce Unique Drinks kol KOLR.. - ndex23
  • www.copperrundistillery.com

  • New distillery pays homage to history | The Tryon Daily Bulletin  (47k)  -  ..business involved hand-sketching a design for the whiskey still itself. Fenten and Wenger pored over historic photos of actual moonshine stills to get the look and design as close to the.. ..distillery’s historic 1920s building, they’ll make corn whiskey in the tradition of Upstate moonshiners, only legally. Fenten knows all about the history of moonshiners in this area. He grew up in the middle of a.. - ndex9
  • www.tryondailybulletin.com/2011/08/05/dark-corner-distiller..

  • Potcheen - Celtic Pirate Rock! - Home  (21k)  -  ..a member? Potcheen (Poitin') means the Illegal Moonshine Whiskey . On rare occasions, it may contain dangerous levels of toxic alcohols just like the Colorado.. ..band. Potcheen is the Irish word for moonshine, the raw whiskey that comes from an illicit still, and this music is as raw and real.. - ndex26
  • www.thepotcheenfolkband.com/fr_home.cfm

  • Alcohol Folk Songs  (5k)  -  ..alcohol folk songs About Alcohol Drink, booze, whiskey, beer, wine, homebrew, moonshine, drunk driving, etc. AA Alcoholics Anonymous - Friends of Bill W. - founded.. ..Drinking That Mash Ian and Sylvia - Moonshine Can "" "" "" - Nancy Whiskey "" "" "" - You Were On My Mind "" "".. - ndex7
  • www.nwfolk.com/songlists/alcohol.html

  • Apple Pie Moonshine - Charlotte, NC  (20k)  -  ..I offered him a shot of corn whiskey (aka legal moonshine) that I had carefully cut with a half-dozen Carolina Indian Scarlet peaches, some honey,.. ..quart Mason jars. 1 liter of corn whiskey or moonshine (preferred brand: Junior Johnson&rsquo s Midnight Moon, made in North Carolina) 1 gallon apple juice.. ..nutmeg. He said, &ldquo That ain&rsquo t moonshine, Dan, that&rsquo s sissyshine dquo That&rsquo s how this recipe originated: somewhere between that fire-in-the-belly straight &rsquo shine.. - ndex3
  • www.charlottemagazine.com/Charlotte-Magazine/August-2011/So..

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