Franklin Physical Therapy --Shows the turn around towards good health through physical therapy. Water and mountains represent water therapy and location. The owner claims that this logo has greatly help to jumpstart the new business to an immediate success.
Art Logo Design #6

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Reproduction Rights
All  copyright and reproduction rights for original artwork belong to the artist who created  the art. All  rights belong to Doreyl Ammons Cain or anyone she has sold the rights to. Some of  the original artwork shown in this exhibit has been trademarked  or copyrighted by companies to whom Doreyl Ammons Cain has sold the reproduction rights.

A true logo is always custom designed for a particular business,  if its not, then it is clip art. A custom logo is designed based on the  business purpose, mission & vision, the needs of the target market and  the product or service. 

A true logo is not just a pretty design, it has hidden messages that attract  a unique customer. The messages are specifically designed through color,  shape and intensity. 

Clip art has only one message... I cannot afford a true logo for my  business, or I do not understand what it takes to market my business.  This clipart logo design can be harmful to creating an image for your Website that is professional. A professional image indicates Website integrity, which  is so important for development of customer trust.

People purchase based on internally stored cultural and learned  information and cues. In marketing this information becomes the basis  for a well planned marketing strategy. The following gives just a touch  of what is used to develop a true logo design.