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“No Clip Art Here”
The Hidden Message of Your Logo

A true logo is always custom designed for a particular business,  if it’s not, then it is clip art. A custom logo is designed based on the  business purpose, mission & vision, the needs of the target market and  the product or service. 

A true logo is not just a pretty design, it has hidden messages that attract  a unique customer. The messages are specifically designed through color,  shape and intensity. 

Clip art has only one message... “I cannot afford a true logo for my  business, or I do not understand what it takes to market my business.”  This can be harmful to creating an image for your Website that is professional. A professional image indicates Website integrity, which  is so important for development of customer trust.

People purchase based on internally stored cultural and learned  information and cues. In marketing this information becomes the basis  for a well planned marketing strategy. The following gives just a touch  of what is used to develop a true logo.

Shapes and colors have subjective meanings to everyone. Each person has  a specific reaction to them based on personal experiences. We are not  concerned with these individual reactions. The main focus in effective logo  design is the universal subjective reactions of your particular target market. Let’s start with colors:

Target Market--Female, 35-55 years old
Universal color preferences: reds, violets, pastel shades, deep yellows and 
greens, (blacks) Blacks, greys and whites are not colors, they are values.

Target Market--Male, 35-55 years old
Universal color preferences: Light blue, navy, forest green, and various 
shades of brown.  (Blacks & greys)

Reds= Happy, energetic
Violets= Relaxing, regal
Pastels= Elegance, gentleness
Yellows= Bright, sunny, optimistic
Greens= Growth, outdoors, soothing
Blues= Cool, confident, truthful
Brown= Earthy, stable, traditional

The senior and children’s markets favor bright, pure colors, while the  teenage market is always changing with the fads. 

Universally, women prefer many shades of color with flowing lines and softer edged shapes, while men in business prefer muted color with hard edged, flat shapes. More and more new small business ventures are women owned and managed. A growing percentage of marketing plans have women  as the target market, so softer more elegant logos are becoming more popular. Also, with the Internet, these types of logo reproduce  exceptionally well on the screen. Friendly, humanistic shapes and warm colors are the most universally accepted, and this is effective in our growing, global economy. 

Can you imagine any business of any size that has become successful  with clip art for a logo? Not likely!

Please, before you download any kind of clip art from the numerous Free Sites that make it so readily available, do yourself a big favor and first read our logo design book.  If then, you still feel guided to pursue the free clip art, now you will be able to make a much more intelligent decision on which art will likely do you less harm.  We at  "Seat of Your Pants" only want to see you achieve your business dream. If you achieve your dream as so many of our customers have, then  we achieve our dream.  That's a true win-win relationship.

Whether you choose the free clip art or one of our artist illustrated logos, which includes many hours of intensive loving energies transpiring through detailed processes, we truly want you to achieve your business success that you so deserve.

Remember... NO CLIP ART HERE!

Doreyl Ammons Cain

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