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oil paintings dreamscape
oil paintings gallery dreamscapes arts landscapes seascapes in oil canva

bean bags
Funky bean bags is boutique uk retailer of bean bag chairs

rahul kaushik
rahul kaushik

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Appalachian Art Search Guide

Find and share appalachian mountain art from other
Art professionals and collectors of Art

       World Wide Logo Design Center, Corporate Identity,
       Small Business Logos and Personal Logos.

How Effective is the
Hidden Message of Your Logo?

If you have a logo, is it representing you the way it should? 
Are you proud to hand out your business card and know that the receiver  will remember you?

The following test can help you evaluate its effectiveness:

After Finishing
Scroll Down to Check Your Results

1. Is your logo design based on your purpose? Yes  No
2. Was your vision statement considered in the design? Yes  No
3. Is color important in your logo? Yes  No
4. Were your target customers considered in your logo? Yes  No
5. Does your logo have both words and graphic art? Yes  No
6. Is your logo easily understood? Yes  No
7. Is your logo universal in its theme?  Yes  No
8. Does the shape of your logo attract your target market? Yes  No
9. Is your logo non-stereotypical? Yes  No



1. Assign 5 points to each "yes" and 1 point to each "no."

2. Total both the "yes" & "no" columns and combine the two totals for one 
numerical score.

The following is an effectiveness chart:

Highly Effective -----------> 35-45

Moderately Effective -----> 24-34

Marginally Effective ------> 13-23

Not Effective ---------------> 9-12

If you scored less than 28 you probably need a completely
redesigned logo or at least a revision of your old one.

Please, contact Doreyl and
she would be more than happy to discuss with you all the possibilities of how to improve your logo and business identity. 

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